We currently offer individual health, dental, and vision plans through the largest healthcare provider United Healthcare. The plans available could be a great fit for you and your family. Here are some highlights of our most popular plans.

Tri Term Medical
Short Term Medical

Currently available in select states. This healthcare plan could be just what you are looking for. It provides comprehensive coverage for preventative, doctors /specialist, hospitalization, labs & prescriptions. The plan gives you access to the United Network nationwide. This type of plan is typically less expensive than the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare plan).

What are the features of TriTerm Medical insurance?

  • Preventive care coverage – Up to $200 per person, per term, so you can work on staying well. In select states, any preventive services a child on a plan qualifies for by age is covered. Also, child immunization services that qualify as preventive health care are exempt from deductibles, coinsurance amounts or co-payments.
  • Office visits for injury or illness – With a Copay Select plan, pay a $50 per visit copay for the first 4 doctor office visits, per person, per term. That’s 12 office visits over the life of your plan with no deductible to pay.
  • Prescription coverage – Once you pay your deductible, pay coinsurance for prescriptions. Many common prescriptions cost just a $25 copay when you choose the Copay Select Max or Direct plan.
  • Apply once for just under 3 years of coverage – After you’re approved for TriTerm Medical health insurance, you don’t have reapply to have coverage for nearly 36 months over 3 terms. Your plan simply moves into the second and third terms when you get there.
  • Network coverage – Nearly 1,300,000 physicians and other health care professionals and more than 6,000 hospitals and other medical facilities means United Healthcare offers access to one the largest networks in the United States. There’s often going to be an in-network option for care nearby, and it may even be your current physician.
  • Benefits in a variety of areas – Some coverage for home health care, rehab, and hospice, and more.

Plans are available in most states. The plans can be used to fill a gap in coverage. Some clients use them as their primary medical. The plan can last as few as 30 days up to one year. You have access to the United Healthcare network. The plans include Dr Visits, Urgent Care, Hospitalization, and some have prescription coverage.

We offer several individual dental plans through United. Our most popular plans offer day one coverage for Preventative, fillings, extractions, and major work like root canals.

The United vision plans are well worth the money. They include a $10 eye exam, and a generous allotment toward glasses and contacts.

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